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Maintain Your Legacy Apps

Maintenance analytics software gives you a handle on legacy code quickly, easily and completely. Reduce discovery time by up to 80%. More >

CM evolveIT

Streamline Your Modernization

Turnkey modernizations of CA 2E enterprise applications that are quick, cost-effective, robust and architected for efficient ongoing maintenance and extensions. More >



Intelligent Automation: A New Frontier

Intelligent Automation: A New Frontier

Smart organizations are looking to Intelligent Automation (IA) to help deal with project roadmaps blown apart by the crisis. Some are finding transformed business processes and worker productivity increases of 2x or more.

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CM evolveIT for LANSA

Join us for a journey through the capabilities of CM evolveIT, highlighting the new LANSA capabilities. We cover CM evolveIT analysis capabilities including component impact analysis, relationship diagrams & data lineage analysis.

Through case studies, learn how CM evolveIT for LANSA can help you estimate major changes, modernize legacy LANSA applications, meet audit and traceability requirements, interface with external applications, provide a common reference for the dev and devops teams, and much more.

All of these capabilities are available as a cloud-based SaaS browser application. The impact analysis can be visualized using interactive diagrams.

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CM First Group is a software company dedicated to providing the most rapid, reliable and cost-effective tools to optimize and transform enterprise applications.
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Solutions for Maintenance,
Modernization and Transformation

Business Rules

CM First analytics software and services help you tap directly into mainframe application source code to capture, abstract, document and preserve business rules and software models.
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Managed Application Services

CM First’s Managed Application Services (MAS) for CA 2E and CA Plex help organizations manage, enhance, and maintain custom applications developed in CA 2E and CA Plex.

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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Our deep experience with legacy enterprise systems puts us in a unique position to help companies reinvent their modernization efforts with RPA.
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Customers Report Fewer Errors and Faster Discovery

CA 2E (Synon) Modernization

Modernize CA 2E applications with efficiency for a rapid ROI. With no need to add and train specialized staff, the modernized code has lower ongoing support and enhancement costs.
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Mainframe App

Avoid the panic caused by bugs or urgent business changes. Understand all aspects of business rules and system interactions embedded in legacy applications.
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Legacy App Integration

Analyze applications at enterprise scale for insights that help ensure successful integrations, whether as part of major system transformations or for application component moves.
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CM evolveIT Improve Maintainability

Improve maintainability with today’s resources

With CM evolveIT, discovery and understanding of applications doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of enterprise systems or previous business use.

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CM M3 Streamline Modernization

Streamline modernizations with agility and speed

The specialized automation of CM M3 enables quick, cost-effective modernization with predictable high-quality output. So you can focus on other priorities.
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CA 2E Transform Code

Transform applications with confidence and reduced risk

More than 400 customers, integrators and software vendors have relied on CM First for success in maintaining or transforming more than 10 million lines of code.
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CM First’s automated discovery and documentation of business rules and system interactions allows analysts to understand legacy code quickly, easily and completely
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