Maintain Your Legacy Apps

Maintenance analytics software gives you a handle on legacy code quickly, easily and completely. Reduce discovery time by up to 80%. More >

Streamline Your Modernization

Turnkey modernizations of CA 2E enterprise applications that are quick, cost-effective, robust and architected for efficient ongoing maintenance and extensions. More >


No Longer ‘At Sea’ With Modernization

Maritime Logistics at the Docks

A leading ocean transportation company and an expert in maritime logistics and planning needed to replace their mainframe with a package application for controlling worldwide shipments. The company chose CM evolveIT to document business rules and the complex interactions between programs.

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Getting Contract Mainframe Developers Up To Speed

Code is typically developed over many years by a succession of developers, each with their own level of expertise and understanding of the business objective. Even the best contractor faces a major productivity hurdle in coming to grips with it.

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CM First Group is a software company dedicated to providing the most rapid, reliable and cost-effective tools to optimize and transform enterprise applications.
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Solutions for Maintenance,
Modernization and Transformation

Business Rules

CM First analytics software and services help you taps directly into mainframe application source code to capture, abstract, document and preserve business rules and software models. Comprehensive automation and intuitive interfaces enable less experienced software engineers to onboard and become productive quickly.
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Data Lineage and Security

With the CM First Group Data Lineage and Security solution, compliance, audit and security professionals can easily understand where sensitive data is located across the entire mainframe infrastructure, and how it is referenced and processed. This unique combination of analysis capabilities helps organizations ensure sensitive data is adequately protected and satisfies regulatory compliance requirements.
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CA 2E (Synon) Modernization

Modernize CA 2E applications with efficiency for a rapid ROI. With no need to add and train specialized staff, the modernized code has lower ongoing support and enhancement costs.
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Mainframe App

Avoid the panic caused by bugs or urgent business changes. Understand all aspects of business rules and system interactions embedded in legacy applications.
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Legacy App Integration

Analyze applications at enterprise scale for insights that help ensure successful integrations, whether as part of major system transformations or for application component moves.
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Improve maintainability with today’s resources

With CM evolveIT, discovery and understanding of applications doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of enterprise systems or previous business use.
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Streamline modernizations with agility and speed

The specialized automation of CM M3 enables quick, cost-effective modernization with predictable high-quality output. So you can focus on other priorities.
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Transform applications with confidence and reduced risk

More than 400 customers, integrators and software vendors have relied on CM First for success in maintaining or transforming more than 10 million lines of code.
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CM First’s automated discovery and documentation of business rules and system interactions allows analysts to understand legacy code quickly, easily and completely
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