Solutions for Maintenance, Modernization and Transformation

CA 2E (Synon) Modernization

CA 2E (aka Synon and COOL:2E) is an enterprise CASE tool that has been in use since the 1980s. Many organizations have developed very large-scale applications with thousands of screens and millions of lines of generated code using CA 2E. These applications are critical to their businesses, but they need maintaining and modernizing. Given the complexity, however, any major changes must be approached with great care and consideration.

CM First helps these organizations in different ways, according to their needs.

Business Rules Analytics

Business rules are the building blocks of any enterprise software system. However, in most legacy systems, the rules are not readily available to the analysts that need to understand or recreate the software. This is because the rule may be embedded in other logic that has an indirect relationship to the actual rule. Another complicating factor is that the rule may span different program calls and storage read/writes.

Many organizations rely on manual code walkthroughs to extract the rules, often using offshore teams. This approach consumes a lot of time and resources, and typically suffers from a high error rate – it is very difficult for human analysts to comprehend enterprise systems that are comprised of tens of thousands of components, and tens of millions of lines of code.

There is a more effective way to extract rules – by using sophisticated software that filters out the noise and presents the precise rules to the analyst in an easy to understand format.

Mainframe App Maintenance

Mainframe systems embody decades of business and technical expertise, but that knowledge is buried in the million or more lines of code of a typical legacy application. Analysts spend many hours reading code in scan results and filtering out the false hits to perform impact analysis. When they miss a path due to the complexity of the code, inconsistent data naming, or other human error, the results can be costly.

CM First provides a new technology to automate and improve this analysis as part of the DevOps cycle.

Legacy App Integration

Monolithic enterprise applications are often difficult to integrate with COTS, such as SAP and Oracle, or with SaaS applications running in the cloud. The application architectures and technologies deployed in the 1970s, 80s and 90s are not compatible with cloud and microservices architectures. Depending on the use case, CM First can help with this problem.

Data Lineage and Security

It is common knowledge that over 70 percent of the world’s data is stored and processed on mainframes. While z/OS is arguably the most secure computing platform, sensitive information residing on mainframe infrastructure must be protected. This, and the ongoing needs for corporate governance and regulatory compliance, demand robust, proactive classification and protection processes for data at rest and in motion.

CM evolveIT in combination with IBM Guardium provides a powerful Data Lineage and Security solution for mainframe-resident applications and data.