Software Development

You need to transform and re-platform your COTS application to reach new markets but it was built for i or z series server platforms. Perhaps you have implemented screen-scraping technology to modernize it, but you know that’s just a band aid… the legacy code remains. How can you deliver what the market needs quickly to expand your business without a massive and risky redesign-and-rebuild software development project?

The answer is CM First Group. We have walked in your shoes and have developed software tools that accelerate COTS modernization projects by an order of magnitude, mitigating the risk of budget and schedule overruns. Our proven analytics software interprets and documents business logic that is buried deep in complex, years-old legacy code, ensuring your intellectual property is preserved. And our automated translation tools convert legacy code to Java, accelerating the re-platforming of your software offerings. With CM First Group, you spend less on modernization so you can invest more in developing new revenue-generating applications.

Financial Services

With core business systems, such as credit scoring, illicit activities detection and loan processing depending on mainframe software developed decades ago, financial services companies face a difficult challenge: how to modernize their applications portfolio while retaining the core business rules buried in legacy code that few people, if any, understand?

CM First Group provides a safe method for addressing this challenge. Sophisticated code analysis software unlocks and documents business rules locked in COBOL, RPG and other languages, and translation software automates the re-platforming of legacy applications. With CM First Group’s products and services expertise, financial services companies can innovate without risk.


Many insurance applications were developed decades ago. The business rules locked in legacy code are critical to core business functions, such as underwriting, claims processing and agency management, and yet they are understood by fewer and fewer people as application analysts and developers age out.

CM First Group offers a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to legacy application modernization. With sophisticated code analytics for automated business rules extraction and code translation software for re-platforming applications, the CM First team helps insurers leverage existing application investments while accelerating IT innovation.


The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid change. Regulatory requirements, increased competition and elevated patient expectations are fueling the need for application modernization. And yet, many healthcare providers depend on legacy applications for their core business processes. How can they keep up with the pace of change and take advantage of new technologies when critical business rules are buried in code that no-one understands?

CM First Group helps healthcare companies address this challenge. With sophisticated code analytics technology that extracts and documents business rules in legacy applications and translation software for modernizing and re-platforming applications, healthcare companies are freed to execute digital initiatives that deliver best-in-class, personalized patient care.


Technology advancements are helping manufacturing organizations reshape how they bring new products to market. Digitization is redefining the supply chain, from rapid prototyping to just-in-time production. But accelerating time to market demands open communication and alignment across all elements and partners in the process. Unfortunately, for many manufacturers, legacy applications inhibit innovation and modernization efforts are lengthy, expensive and risky.

CM First Group helps manufacturers leverage existing application investments while providing a risk-free approach to modernization. With sophisticated analytics that extract and document business rules from legacy code and translation software that enables application re-platforming for today’s consumer, manufacturers are freed to innovate and win.

Distribution & Logistics

Consumer expectations for immediate gratification and online everything are redefining how goods find their way from the manufacturer to the warehouse to the home. Friction in the distribution chain must be eliminated and this demands IT innovation. Yet many distribution and logistics firms are impeded by legacy applications, written decades ago and modified countless times, that contain critical business rules no-one understands.

CM First Group is the industry specialist for application modernization. Using our sophisticated, automated code analysis and translation software, logistics companies can unlock business rules from legacy systems and re-platform applications to enable just-in-time, personalized distribution methods. CM First Group de-risks application modernization to allow firms to focus time and budget on improving the customer experience.

Public Sector

Federal, state and local governments serve the needs of civilians who are increasingly technology savvy. Yet agencies still rely on applications that were developed decades ago and have been patched countless times since. The people who understand the critical business rules buried in these complex applications are aging out, but getting funding for massive modernization projects is difficult. Making mandatory changes due to legislative action is hard enough.

CM First Group enables government entities to modernize legacy applications cost-effectively and without risk. Using our sophisticated code analysis software, business rules buried in complex legacy code are extracted and documented for everyone to understand. And our code translation tools automate the re-platforming of applications to meet the needs of 21st century populations. With CM First Group’s software and professional services, application portfolio managers have more options for delivering important government services.

CM First Group is an approved GSA contractor. See details here.