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Capturing Business Rules in COBOL Systems

CM evolveIT is the single most efficient, effective system of its kind on the market today for analyzing and documenting mainframe systems. Where CM First’s CM evolveIT really sets itself apart is in its unique technology and methodology for the capturing the business rules from existing legacy applications.

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    CM evolveIT’s rules capture identifies specific source code paths that are relevant to the ‘business rules’ while filtering out the non-essential information found in millions of lines of code. We accomplish this by performing interactive backwards slicing on program results that is specifically designed to weed out the noise of the application then we generate convenient diagrams of the resulting logic. We align the application logic with business process documentation and generate system diagrams that visualize the information so it can be effectively shared, improving communication between IT and the business.

    CM evolveIT also provides the ability to substitute data aliases for esoteric data field names adding further “business meaning” and consistency to the diagrams for even more clarity. Furthermore, because CM evolveIT uses the source code from the current production system for its analysis, you’ll be assured that the results will be 100 percent accurate based on what the system does, not on what someone thinks the system does.

    The CM evolveIT product suite has successfully modeled more than one billion lines of COBOL source code and is often deployed by our public and private sector clients. CM evolveIT users include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Crowley Maritime Corporation, Ministry of Transportation Ontario Canada, Ascena Retail, Allstate, American National Insurance, The Commonwealth of Kentucky, and many others.