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An Evolutionary Approach to Modernizing CA 2E Applications

You need to modernize your CA 2E applications but you cannot afford to throw out the foundation that anchors your business. What if you could take an evolutionary approach by leveraging the existing business rules and logic in your CA 2E applications and easily migrating them to a modern, maintainable application? Find out how to do this in a way that does not require you to reinvent the wheel.

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    Despite all the hype around digital transformation, the plain truth is that much of the progress in IT is evolutionary. In fact, the notion of technology disrupting everything is a misnomer. According to an article in the Spring 2017 issue of MIT Sloan Management Review: “Most transformational leverage comes from tried-and-true operational technology (for example, networking and databases) and strategic technology (such as enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management software). It rarely…comes from emerging technology (such as augmented reality) or disruptive technology (such as machine learning).”

    This idea extends to your CA 2E applications, which are built upon tried-and-true business logic and rules but may have an out-of-date user experience and development environment. The options for modernizing these applications – code rewrites and off-the-shelf software – are often so costly, risky, and disruptive to business that many organizations choose to do nothing. They remain trapped by inflexible RPG and COBOL applications generated by CA 2E, which inhibit innovation, agility, and competitiveness.