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CA 2E is designed to simplify application development by incorporating development design models, native code generation of RPG and COBOL, and deployment facilities into a single development environment. CA 2E enables your staff to create programs without extensive knowledge of technical specifications or programming languages. With the implementation of traditional and newer IBM® i-Series®-supported technologies, it helps your staff address key development trends like component-based architecture and data integration across systems and platforms.

CA 2E generates 100% of the code required for applications for both client and server, and database objects for IBM i. Developers are not required to know low-level details of the underlying programming languages or database access implementation. Impact analysis and application documentation are embedded, which allows modifications to be easily identified. Multiple developers can work on one project simultaneously, providing marked productivity increases. Modular application development allows new applications to use components created for existing applications. This reduces the time to develop and test CA 2E applications. In addition, it serves as a base for legacy modernization projects including web enablement, transitioning to additional distributed platforms or creating business logic components for use in additional environments.

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