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Use CM MatchPoint to Master Application Lifecycle Management

While mid-range servers are running mission critical applications, many development teams are either using homegrown DevOps solutions, or are paying substantial maintenance fees to vendors that are supporting the IBM I, CA Plex, and CA 2E. Often these same products are difficult to use and cannot support a shift to more agile development, and automated deployment to multiple platforms. CM MatchPoint is a cross-platform Application Lifecycle Management solution that provides end-to-end governance of software change processes.

Key Benefits

Reduce risk with automated DevOps

Improve the success rate of production promotions

Answer audits with confidence

Save valuable engineering time via automation

Communicate project information clearly to all stakeholders

Successfully manage projects with distributed teams

Product Capabilities

Provides information about the activities associated with each change request so you can understand and manage dependencies.

Get immediate value from purpose-designed work flows that also support user defined processes.

Production changes are automatically deployed to production systems at a schedule you control.

Reporting based on projects includes information about cost, team members, timelines and time sheets which facilitates billing.

Automates management and archiving of application versions and CA Plex models.

Advanced features to support CA Plex, .NET and Java projects with subversion connectors and more.

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