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Big Iron is Vulnerable

You think sensitive data on your mainframe is secure. But is it? Do you know where every instance of it resides and where it is referenced? Learn how a robust data lineage and security solution enables you to find, classify and protect data at rest and in motion.

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    The amount of mainframe information publicly available has grown over the years. This includes data such as IP addresses, user IDs, terminal IDs, and detailed error messages. Public email lists can reveal who sent an email, what domain, and even which terminal and/or IP address it came from.

    Reg Harbeck, chief strategist with Mainframe Analytics Ltd., writes, “This information – whether gathered from public sources or provided by an insider – provides the starting point for a well-informed hacker to start drilling into the mainframe, feeding known vulnerabilities and CICS transactions, etc., along with this gleaned information to scripts that then check ports, IDs, passwords, etc., in a sufficiently covert manner not to rouse suspicion while persisting at a large enough volume to have a good chance of finding an opening.”

    The best practices for securing your mainframe data and complying with regulations apply to any organization. The following steps serve as a starting point:

    • Catalog your tech and data assets and determine their use.
    • Analyze data protections and identify at-risk data.
    • Understand data lineage and where and how that data is being used.