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CM evolveIT Data Lineage

CM evolveIT’s Data Lineage functionality analyzes mainframe applications to identify where and how sensitive data is processed – in screens, reports, files and databases. Its fast and complete analyses help application owners determine what code changes must be made to ensure all instances of data use are known, appropriate and secure.

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    Corporations manage a staggering volume of data that continues to grow at a rapid rate. Strong consumer demand for personalization through smartphone applications, social media, and IoT drives it. Companies are more than willing to meet the growing demand, destroying barriers with cheaper storage and better and faster software to parse all the data that comes with it, ensuring that data growth will continue for years to come.

    With bigger and more complex data portfolios, companies are increasingly encountering the need to trace data along it’s complete journey – from input to output – for development, keeping track of business rules and security.

    The need for security might be the biggest challenge yet. According to a recent Cisco survey, most IT and security pros say they aren’t able to afford the minimum amount of security they need to properly protect their data. The survey also finds that most of them have been hit with major security compromises, and realize that they need to do more.

    Companies seeking to gain control of all of this new data are finding they need specific expertise along with a dizzying array of tools and techniques to get the job done to keep track of it, derive value from it, and protect it. That’s where CM evolveIT Data Lineage comes in.