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CM evolveIT for CA Plex/2E/LANSA

The enormous complexity an IT manager faces when modernizing a legacy application demands a serious solution that can power true digital transformation. Learn more about the powerful options available to build a foundation and take charge of your enterprise’s digital future.

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    CM evolveIT can get you back on track and lay the foundation of a meaningful modernization effort by eliminating these “significant barriers to your company’s digital transformation” that so many CIOs and IT managers face.

    In the process, CM evolveIT will reduce risk, improve DevOps, and speed up development efforts geared towards moving your CA Plex/CA 2E/LANSA system into the future.

    If you have a modernization effort planned or already underway, CM evolveIT is simple to implement and works gracefully alongside whatever tools, methods or programs you’re using to get the job done.

    And it will improve your results exponentially: Use CM evolveIT to generate meaningful analytical results, metrics and statistics and output to JSON or CSV to turbocharge the tools you’re using now.