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Forecast: Cloudy, With A Mobile Front Moving In – Weathering Application Challenges

Legacy applications do not have to hold you back; modernization is possible. Learn how you can continue to mine value from your aging code by bringing it into the 21st century with the new capabilities available.

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    Surviving the technological storm will require investment in modernizing legacy applications. Offering enhanced user interfaces and presentation services will attract both web and mobile users. If you can get this right, you have the ability to increase customer satisfaction, enhance customer loyalty and improve your brand perception. These capabilities can also drive sales, enhance engagement with your customers and provide insight into buying behavior from improved analytics.

    Legacy applications hold your intellectual property but their design and platform limitations make it difficult to get to where you want to go. For many years, companies could get away with not changing the “stuff that works,” but now, that is no longer an option. At a time when money is tight, development resources are vanishing and time is your enemy, you still need to face the reality. Mobile is only going to get bigger and more important to your business.

    But none of this is going to be easy. Mobile development means faster lifecycles and more frequent, iterative changes. The multiple interfaces and frequent changes to iOS, Android, Surface and others is a gamechanger. For IT departments and the businesses that finance their efforts, mobile enablement will need to become a top investment priority. To help fund it, you will need to look at the cost benefits of moving to the cloud. Given the criticality of this to your core business, you’ll probably have to address both at the same time.