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Leverage CA Plex to modernize legacy applications across platforms

Using a single set of skills and development techniques, CA Plex helps your developers create high-quality client/server, web-based, service-oriented, character-based, batch and wireless device-based applications.

Applications can be developed in a Windows® environment then compiled and tested in your organization’s target environment for greater flexibility, increased productivity and quality, while reducing costs. The model-based approach and pattern-driven development techniques provided by CA Plex help you modernize legacy System i® applications across platforms to the Web and to SOA environments, without reinventing the wheel.

Key Benefits

Have greater flexibility with multi-language generation

Increase productivity with inheritance and design patterns

Improve quality with generated error-free code

Speed maintenance with a low code approach

Modernize to service architectures

Require only a single skill set to modernize apps

Product Capabilities

Generates 100% of the native code, with HTML and GUI clients, required for applications including client, server and database objects.

Customizable building block patterns for web frameworks and services components for web-client development and service-based architectures.

Support for a wide range of platforms, including Windows® .NET® and Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM® System i®, Java™ and J2EE® and methods.

Generate first class browser and mobile applications using CM WebClient.

DevOps optimization with CM MatchPoint ALM.

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