Analyze Applications at Enterprise Scale for Successful Integrations

CM First provides a number of products and services to help organizations integrate legacy mainframe z/OS and IBM i (AS/400) applications with others, including commercial packages and cloud-based SaaS applications.

For all types of applications, we can wrap legacy code with a microservices bus for communicating with external packages via low code process automation software.

For CA 2E applications, we offer CM M3, a rapid and cost-effective way to port CA 2E business logic to Java or .NET. A service architecture is integral to this approach.

For COBOL and other mainframe systems, we offer CM evolveIT as a way to automatically analyze application code and either port it to other platforms for easier integration, or facilitate development of a microservices bus.

CM First analytics work across entire systems for a complete picture, versus analyzing programs in isolation, to help ensure successful integration projects.

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