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Generate Rich Internet Applications (RIA) from CA Plex

CM WebClient is a rich internet application (RIA) generator designed to produce amazing web and mobile applications from the CA Plex model-based application development platform.

Key Benefits

Use the CA Plex platform you already know

Generate beautiful, user friendly UX

Become productive with a minimal learning curve

Accelerate development cycles

Support all device footprints automatically

Re-platform applications with only one skill set required

Product Capabilities

Uses standard CA Plex panel design and action diagram techniques to generate sophisticated RIA/AJAX user interfaces and mobile-optimized applications based on your existing client-server code base, without extensive recoding or retraining.

Applications can utilize standard CA Plex GUI features, such as editable grid, tabs, tree views, child windows, accordion Outlook-style menus, dialogs, and more.

Uses industry standard Java / JavaScript technology, deployed to standard web servers – on premise or cloud.

Provides standard secure, robust, and scalable application services, in load balanced configurations.

Extensible and customizable via CA Plex pattern inheritance, CSS, and JavaScript component libraries.

Deploy to tablet and mobile devices, using offline storage.

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