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Modernize Your CA 2E (Synon) Investment

Companies have a significant investment in CA 2E (Synon, Cool:2E) applications, but until now, no effective solution existed to automatically modernize them. CM First has developed an approach called M3 (Model-Based Modernization Methodology) which is designed to help an organization move to an Architected Rapid Application Development (ARAD) platform. M3 preserves the CA 2E (Synon) model design while deploying all business logic onto a modern java client architecture.

CM First has been a leader in helping companies develop, deploy and manage applications for IBM midrange and mainframe environments since the company’s inception. CM First believes in devising appropriate modernization strategies, such as M3, that fit a company’s unique circumstances, rather than dictating a single approach based on what’s available in a vendor toolbox.

Key Benefits

Minimize the risk of cost and schedule overruns with a high level of automation

Give business users a new responsive and intuitive UX instead of green screens

Integrate easily with other enterprise systems such as SAP and Oracle

Quickly retrain developers who already know your business

Generate modern code that is easy to understand and maintain

Accomplish system enhancements more quickly using modern tools

CM M3 Modernizes CA 23 (Synon)

Product Capabilities

CA 2E (Synon) business logic and screen designs are automatically migrated and guaranteed to be functionally equivalent.

Developers are more productive because they work in a modern low-code environment with inheritance, DevOps, Eclipse/Visual Studio, and more.

Applications can be re-platformed to the cloud (AWS or Azure) or stay on the IBM I Power Platform, as required.

Migration to new database platforms such as Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL is included in the service.

CM M3 is designed to work at scale across CA 2E models. CM evolveIT can effectively transform thousands of model objects generating millions of lines of RPG and COBOL source.

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Our customer Dupouy, with highly complex business requirements, needed to modernize a global ERP system based on CA 2E. We are happy to report that the CM M3 transformation process was a non-event to the business, and gave us a browser-based platform to make necessary platform to make necessary improvements to the application quickly and easily.

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