Note to our international attendees:

To view the webcast with subtitles in any language, first select “CC” in the YouTube player, then select “settings”, then “subtitles”, then “auto-translate”, and select your language.

Frightened about the prospect of your legacy IBM i and z application developers leaving due to retirement? We have a solution that can put your fears to rest.

In this webinar, we explore “Refactoring”, the 5th “R” in Amazon’s Cloud Migration Strategy, in detail.

With this strategy, you can “refactor” your legacy app developed in COBOL, RPG, or CA 2E (Synon) directly to maintainable runtime-free Java and JS.

We start with an overview of the refactoring process:

  • What is needed in upfront analysis
  • How to choose the right technology stack
  • Why AI is not currently the answer
  • Solutions to common challenges such as…
    • Avoiding vendor lock-in
    • Performance

At the end of the webinar, we provide a live demo of the step-by-step process of moving COBOL/DB2 code to a modern, maintainable Java/React/Postgres application running on Azure cloud.

Speakers: John Rhodes (CTO) and Kiyoshi Terasawa (Principal Architect)