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Identify data exposure risks with IBM Guardium

IBM Guardium identifies data exposure risks by scanning through the mainframe data infrastructure. By discovering where the data is located, classifying it to determine sensitivity level and providing comprehensive reporting on the scan results, highly regulated or other non–public business-critical data can be adequately protected and exposure risks can be mitigated.

CM evolveIT complements IBM Guardium by analyzing and reporting on data lineage. It examines the entire mainframe application portfolio to show where and how sensitive data is processed.

Key Benefits

Reduce effort to find sensitive data and where it is processed

Easily categorize sensitive data for regulatory compliance

Ensure all sensitive mainframe data is adequately secured

Document the complete data lifecycle for regulatory compliance

Ensure user access privileges to sensitive data are appropriate

Quickly identify code changes required to secure sensitive data

Product Capabilities

Scans data resident on the mainframe infrastructure and also in motion for FTP, SMTP and IBM Connect:Direct.

Physical sequential

Comprehensive identification is based on compliance and business concerns.

Profiles can specify data to be included or excluded in scans.

Provides views showing who can access sensitive data via CA ACF2™, IBM RACF® and CA Top Secret® permissions on z/OS.

Critical data is scanned and classified on the z/OS platform so security risks from offloads to another server are avoided.

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