Watch the IBM / CM First webinar “IBM Power Data Privacy” in its entirety.

Do you know where your organization’s sensitive data lives, and who is accessing it? Many IBM Power organizations aren’t sure how to answer that, leaving them open to both internal and external hacking – which in turn can lead to significant fines and loss of reputation. In this webinar, we show you some effective tools to prevent this situation.

First, IBM Data Privacy expert Stephanie Hazlewood provides an update on the latest privacy regulations coming out of California and other governing bodies, and how that affects IBM Power customers. She also provides an orientation to the IBM’s unique Guardium technology, and specifically how this product set helps organizations with IBM i DB2 and other enterprise database products like SQL Server and Oracle.

IBM partner CM First Group demonstrates IBM Guardium use cases around identifying and monitoring access to sensitive personal information (PII) – including data on IBM Power DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and files systems.

Webinar: IBM / CM First IBM Power Data Privacy
Speakers: Stephanie Hazlewood, IBM, and John Rhodes, CM First Group