July 1, 2021

Companies with legacy systems look to “digital transformation” through modernization to remain competitive and meet market demand. The challenge: lots of modernization strategies have emerged over the years, yet all of them have significant risks.

April 28, 2021

RPA is great for handling repetitive manual tasks, but what about tasks involving data that require more critical thinking? Turn to Intelligent Automation (IA). Join HelpSystems and CM First to discover how IA uses machine learning and other cutting-edge technology to take the pain out of data classification and analysis. These techniques can be used on any software,...

March 3, 2021

Join us for a journey through the capabilities of CM evolveIT, highlighting the new LANSA capabilities. We will cover CM evolveIT analysis capabilities including component impact analysis, Relationship Diagrams & Data Lineage analysis. All of these capabilities are available as a cloud-based SaaS browser application. The impact analysis can be visualized using interactive diagrams.

February 2, 2021

IT teams have a long list of responsibilities—from desktop tasks, batch jobs, systems infrastructure, and everything in between. And tedious tasks like data entry, file transfers, and event log monitoring can get in the way of more critical tasks. But with IT automation solutions, you can empower your team to complete more work in less time and centralize your...

January 26, 2021

New tools and practices in workload automation have ushered in a brand new frontier in worker productivity for companies looking to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic. Smart organizations are looking to Intelligent Automation (IA) in particular to help them deal with project roadmaps blown apart by the crisis. For many, a closer look brings some

December 22, 2020

CM First is a proud sponsor of this fall’s CA Plex 2E Virtual Conference held in October. The conference worked hard to meet the challenge of virtual deep-dive learning with an impressive slate of presentations and hands-on learning and really delivered. We look forward to participating next year. From the website: