September 11, 2019

Register Now for the CA 2E (SYNON) and CA Plex October 1st 2019 Community Webcast Register for the October 1, 2019 CA 2E (SYNON) and CA Plex Community Webcast. The theme of webinar is CA Plex/2E Roadmap and IBM i Web Services. You can register for the community webcast here. First CA Technologies/Broadcom Principle Product Manager Dheeraj Pershad Arun will discuss the results of the CA Plex and CA

September 9, 2019

IBM Systems Media is hosting a webinar Tuesday, September 10th at 12 noon Central Time that looks at the modern state of this “ancient” programming language. The content is provided by Micro Focus. Derek Britton, Director of Product Marketing, Mainframe Solutions at Micro Focus, and Ed Airey, Senior Solutions Marketing Strategist at Micro Focus, are

August 28, 2019

InformationWeek: Digital Transformation Challenges IT Leaders We hear a lot about the importance of digital transformation in IT departments. For some industries, the call is louder than others. Increasingly, IT departments have shifted into a make-or-break role in large organizations making modernization more critical than ever. Industries that were once technology-enabled are now becoming technology-centric.

July 16, 2019

CM First joined the Mainframe VM community for a series of ground-breaking hands-on workshops at the June 28th-30th VM Workshop at Virginia Commonwealth University. Roger Hammer presented to members of the z/VM, Linux on IBM zSystems, and z/VSE communities, for three days of technical discussions, presentations, and collaborations highlighting automated application analysis and data lineage.

December 20, 2018

As of January 31, 2019, CA has announced that in general it will support the latest versions of CA 2E and CA Plex only. For CA 2E (Synon) that is version 8.7. For CA Plex, that is version 7.2.1. For the full details see these links. CA login is required. CA Plex 7.2.1, last supported