CA Plex

Using a single set of skills and development techniques, CA Plex helps your developers create high-quality client/server, web-based, service-oriented, character-based, batch and wireless device-based applications. Applications can be developed in a Windows® environment then compiled and tested in your organization’s target environment for greater flexibility, increased productivity and quality while reducing costs. The model-based approach and pattern-driven development techniques provided by CA Plex help you modernize legacy System i® applications across platforms, to the Web and to SOA environments without reinventing the wheel.


CA 2E is designed to simplify application development by incorporating development design models, native code generation of RPG and COBOL, and deployment facilities into a single development environment.CA 2E enables your staff to create programs without extensive knowledge of technical specifications or programming languages. With the implementation of traditional and newer IBM® i-Series®-supported technologies, it helps your staff address key development trends like component-based architecture and data integration across systems and platforms.

Axon Ivy

As your business scales up, business activities become more complex and the organization is challenged to be as agile and responsive as before. Your employees rely on a portfolio of enterprise software applications to run the business, but these are often disconnected from each other and difficult and expensive to change. Axon.ivy is the integrated solution designed to optimize your existing software, processes, and workflows — to help your company scale cost-effectively. Its lightweight methodology is combined with enterprise-class power, and ROI is often measured in weeks or months rather than years.