November 15, 2013

We just finished the 2E/Plex conference yesterday. I found it to be an outstanding event.  For those of you that could not attend I will be sharing some of the ideas that I taught in the Advanced 2E Workshop in future posts.  I also want to share some of my impressions of the conference.

I have to say that I found the culture to be changing at CA.  During the last couple years I have seen some change but the change was more exposed at the conference. I found the 2E / Plex teams at CA to be very open and approachable about what we, the customers, want to see in the products.  One session involved all of us customers, getting the opportunity to vote on what features we want to see next.  So we are having a voice in the future of 2E and Plex.

CA also seemed to be more motivated to make the products better now and into the future.  There is commitment in the CA teams to make 2E and Plex better work with current technologies and to adjust to technology changes in the future.

Finally, congratulations to Simon for his excellent work in making the changing Agile process a successful process for 2E and Plex.  I believe his successful adaptable application of Agile to 2E and Plex will help CA produce quality products for us to use years into the future.