Modernizing application in France?  CM First is excited to announce that Belharra will now be the center of competency for CA Plex and CM WebClient customers.  “Belharra has a desirable customer base, speaks the customer’s language and has a positive reputation with its customers,” said Bruno LeConte, Managing Director, CM First France.


Belharra specializes in business intelligence technologies and integration services. Founded from the meeting of men sharing the same vision on new challenges of enterprises IT, Belharra brings a recognized technical expertise and is a certified IBM France Premier Business Partner.  They bring a wide range of valuable services to customers including using RPG development under DB2 iSeries and Java J2EE integration on AS/400 to create business solutions to new collaborative, internet or mobile challenges.


“Belharra is convinced that the services offered foster the modernization of the IT systems to better answer the new management challenges without disruption and with minimal risk.  Migration projects have measurable and faster ROI than those established for the deployment of a new ERP,” said Patrick Bourg, COO, Belharra.


“The combination of the CM WebClient solution from CM First and Belharra’s migration methodology result in productivity gains that makes this kind of project accessible to mid-market companies.” states Bertrand Gambet, CTO, Belharra.


As of today, both companies are working on a CA 2E modernization project for a French customer.  CM First and Belharra expect to provide a progress report on this project in fall, 2014.

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