Watch the CA 2E (SYNON) and CA Plex March 2019 Community Webcast

The webinar has come and gone and was a success! Click to watch the video.

The theme for this webinar is “Conference and API’s”.

CA Technologies/Broadcom CA Plex/2E product manager Dheeraj Pershad and the community organizers kicked off the webinar with an overview of the upcoming conference and provided a preview of the keynote sessions from Broadcom and IBM, pre-con education, and hands on deep dives.

Product manager Renu Motwani followed up the conference talk with a demo of API Live Creator, an innovative “Low Code” product aimed at making the enterprise API creation process easy for the average developer. Note that this product has an IBM I integration.

Additionally, technical lightning talks were given using APIs and microservices with CA 2E and CA Plex applications.

The Webinar event was held Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 10AM CST