CA Communities CA Plex 2E Community Webcast

Register Now for the CA 2E (SYNON) and CA Plex June 25th 2019 Community Webcast

The upcoming CA 2E (SYNON) and CA Plex Community Webcast is scheduled for June 25th, 2019 10AM CST and a lot of great content is planned. The theme of the webinar is CA 2E Roadmap and Features.

You can register for the community webcast here.

First, CA Technologies/Broadcom Principle Software Engineer Raghu Daita will demonstrate and discuss CA 2E recently released and upcoming technical features. This is your opportunity to get CA 2E technical answers directly from Broadcom.

Next, CM First’s CTO John Rhodes and Product Director Roger Hammer will demonstrate CM evolveIT for CA Plex/2E, an advanced technology to analyze and comprehend CA Plex and CA 2E enterprise applications. This deep insight can be invaluable to companies that are maintaining, modernizing, or re-platforming these applications.

Date and Time

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 10AM CST

Register here at the link.