CA Communities March 31st Webcast

Watch the CA 2E (SYNON) and CA Plex March 31st 2021 Community Webcast

The webcast video is now available to watch on

From the abstract:

Join the CA Plex/2E community for the next webcast. Community President Roger Griffith will update the community on the latest news, and get a head start on gathering input for the next one which will likely be October 2021.

CA Plex/2E Customer Technical Presentations:

1. E-mail and Text Messaging from Plex (On Steroids!), Roger Griffith, Eaglesun Systems Products, and Kiyoshi Terasawa, CM First Group

This session will demonstrate how Eaglesun Systems Products has integrated “Twilio SendGrid/SMS API” into their Plex application to deliver cutting edge e-mail and text messaging solutions using Plex. Most Plex applications can send e-mail messages, but how many applications can track the status (Sent, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, etc.) of the e-mail once it has been sent? By using a third-party messaging platform (in this case Twilio), Eaglesun Systems Products was able to develop a cutting edge E-Mail/Text Messaging solutions using Plex.

2. Getting Wild and Crazy with you 2E DSPFIL by Russell Berkeley, ICS Courier

Topics will include the following as time permits:

  • Refresh the data automatically
  • Have a field (or fields) display different colours based on a condition
  • Convert the DSPFIL from 80 column display to a 132 Column 5250 display
  • Launch a local web browser and access google maps for an address from the 5250 display
  • Use QCMDEXC to invoke CL commands eg. WRKACTJOB, WRKSPLF, STRSQL
  • Use SysReq 3 to get a WRKJOB instead of a DSPJOB

Date and Time

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 10-11AM CST

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