Watch the CA 2E CA Plex Fall community webcast.

A streamlined (lightly edited) version of the October 19th community webcast is now available to stream on YouTube. Catch up on what you missed, or review key highlights from the webcast.

Early in the broadcast, Roger Griffith discussed new developments regarding the Spring 2023 Conference, to be held May 8-10 in Boca Raton Florida, including:

  • Venue, Logistics, and Costs
  • Conference Agenda
  • Call for Speakers and Sponsors
  • Training Opportunities

The usual two Lightning Talks followed.

Lighting Talk #1: IBM i Innovations and Cloud Hosting – Chris Carlson, Abacus.

Join IBM i expert Chris Carlson for a discussion of the current state of the art for IBM OS, cloud hosting, and managed services. IBM continues to innovate and add capability to the reliable, powerful and secure IBM i platform. Adding consumption models, increased availability and open-source capabilities has enhanced the product to its loyal user base with the intent to attract a larger audience. Staying current with IBM i OS now and in the future puts innovation and security at the forefront of your business.

Lighting Talk #2: The Missing Tab Pattern – Roger Griffith, Eaglesun

In Obase, we had an abstract entity that would allow you to maintain a single entity, using a tab dialog (3 tabs) function. It was god-awful clunky from a developer’s perspective but did provide a reasonable solution to spread a single entity out over multiple tabs. If you had an entity with a LOT of fields (too many to fit on a single panel), this was a viable solution. When developing with patterns, there is no equivalent pattern that allows you to maintain a single entity, spread out over multiple tabs…UNTIL NOW. Roger will demonstrate a new pattern that allows you to effortlessly produce a suite of tab-based user interfaces (Add/Change/Display/Delete) with a minimal development effort. Instead of trying to cram a large entity into a single panel, you can now spread it out over multiple tabs (unlimited), and assign meaningful graphics to each tab. The end result is similar (in concept) to the Obase Tab Dialog but leverages the Frame patterns to produce a very modern user interface. This new pattern is a must have for any serious Plex developer!

CA 2E (SYNON) and CA Plex Fall Community Webcast
Held Wednesday, October 19th, 2022 10-11AM CST.

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