CA Communities Webcast Feb 2018 CA Plex CA 2E Lightning Talks

CA Communities hosted a CA 2E and CA Plex community event. CA’s Steve Solomon, Product Manager for CA 2E and CA Plex, kicked things off with an update on what CA is working on, followed by technical lightning talks from Roger Griffith from Eaglesun Systems and Pradeep Devabhaktuni from CM First, and others.

Product Updates

Steve Solomon kicked things off with “The Road Ahead” providing a survey update on both the CA Plex 7.2.1 Cumulative Update as well as CA 2E 8.7 product release along with planned and under consideration features for upcoming releases. Steve finished his updates with an ‘end of service reminder’ for CA Plex 7.1 and 7.2, as well as for CA 2E 8.6 slated for December, 2018.

Lightning Talks

Steve’s Product Update was followed by two ‘Lightning Talks’ by the community:

The first talk, Supporting Multiple Customers with CA Plex, was given by Roger Griffith from Eaglesun Systems.

The second talk, Integrating and Debugging CA Plex and Java/Eclipse, Migrated CA 2E Application, was given by Pradeep Devabhaktuni from CM First.

This webcast video is the latest CA Plex and CA 2E Community ‘Lightning Talk’, a new series of community-driven and educational webinar sessions made for engineers, by engineers. During these talks, volunteer speakers can share their favorite tips and tricks which they use in their everyday practice.