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CA Plex users will want to be sure and tune in to the July 2018 CA Plex and CA 2E Community Meeting Webcast at CA Communities coming up on July 11th. CA Plex Product Manager Steve Solomon will present the brand new CA Plex Roadmap and take feedback from the community. According to CA Technologies, “the CA Plex team has been working through the backlog and we believe we finally have a great balance of features that will enhance the usability of CA Plex”.

CA 2E customers can look forward to informative community-sponsored “lightning” presentations on Tips and Tricks. CA Communities is always looking for community members that have favorite Tips and Tricks to share. If you are interested please let them know.

Additional topics: Steve will also review important upcoming events including the German/Swiss CA Plex/CA 2E user group meeting on June 14th, and planning of the world wide user conference Spring 2019.


CA Plex Roadmap: TBD
CA 2E Tips and Tricks: CA 2E Community Member

Date and Time

Tuesday, July 11th 11 a.m. ET

Register now at the CA Communities web site.