November 6, 2018

Watch the October 2, 2018 CA 2E (SYNON) and CA Plex Community Webcast in its entirety. The first speaker Chirag Dave, CA Plex and CA 2E Senior Product Manager updated the community on current CA product news. Chirag’s update was followed by DevOps lightning updates with the latest news on CA 2E CM, PTC Implementer,

October 22, 2018

The Portfolio Dashboard provides a high-level view of trending inventory metrics and statistics with dead-simple configuration that can be designed for unique situations. With customized trending insight, issues can be targeted and addressed more efficiently than ever before. View the video, or take a look at the screenshots below to see how. 1. Portfolio Dashboard

October 8, 2018

IBM Systems Magazine recently put the spotlight on an ambitious FMS Solutions modernization project completed with the help of CM First Group, a successful project resulting in significant savings in time and resources. Getting Results First, the results from IBM Systems Mag: …by undertaking this partnership with CM First, Robert Graybill, president and CEO, FMS,

October 1, 2018

  Latest CM evolveIT Release Debuts with New Portfolio Dashboard and More CM First Group announces the latest version of CM evolveIT 10.6 with the new interactive, web-based Portfolio Dashboard, ActiveDirectory Integration, and more. CM evolveIT provides fast and accurate application cross-reference, as-is diagrams and reports, an Enterprise Impact Analysis, and more. Learn More About

September 20, 2018

Monitor and Track Complex Enterprise Applications with the CM evolveIT Portfolio Structure Dashboard As a project progresses, you can see new business functions get implemented and bugs fixed but do you know if your team is adding more technical debt to get the project completed on-time or doing a good job of managing the complexity

August 9, 2018

Design and Build Your Mobile App ‘Minimum Viable Product’ and Get it Into Your Users Hands Sooner Rather Than Later As programmers have learned since the beginning of coding, it can be difficult to feel your program is ‘done.’ There’s always more tweaking you can do, but are you really making it better? While you