Check out this short video series on how to apply CM evolveIT’s unique automated static analysis and code slicing technology to four common code analysis use cases.


Use Case 1 – IT project scoping and planning must be done on a regular basis, but it can take many hours or days to collect the information required for an accurate budget and plan. CM evolveIT shortcuts this tedious process by providing the metrics you need quickly.


Use Case 2 – Overall software quality can be difficult to assess on a portfolio level. CM evolveIT’s dashboard makes it easy for managers to assess their projects and portfolios from a code quality and technical debt perspective.


Use Case 3 – CM evolveIT makes it possible to trace sensitive application data as it flows through enterprise mainframe application components, giving security and application development teams a new tool to establish data lineage, address audit findings, and proactively secure mainframe data.


Use Case 4 – Extracting business rules is very difficult and time consuming to do manually. See how CM evolveIT uses automated program slicing and data flow analysis to accurately mine business rules much more quickly and accurately than is possible by hand.