Roger Hammer from CM First Group Talks Data Lineage

CM First joined the Mainframe VM community for a series of ground-breaking hands-on workshops at the June 28th-30th VM Workshop at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Roger Hammer presented to members of the z/VM, Linux on IBM zSystems, and z/VSE communities, for three days of technical discussions, presentations, and collaborations highlighting automated application analysis and data lineage.

The Ins and Outs of Data Lineage

Data Lineage is a new and upcoming technology that enables a number of important use cases when data is at the center of the question. How do I find Protected data? Did I find everything I need and how do I know? Where is that data stored? Will they really ask me? Where is this data used in our applications?

Roger covered a number of areas and use cases related to understanding data, data usage, impacts and where data gets stored from an application perspective. Needs may relate to regulatory, such as protected data with GDPR or HIPPA, or you may simply want to identify the data in an application and identify where it is used, how it is used and in the end where it is stored.

Mainframe Analysis Automation that Works!

Analysis Automation is critical to a well run Mainframe shop. Providing 21st Century tools enables Mainframe development to compete well with Distributed systems development. Working with antiquated tools can make a mainframe shop take too much time to identify Impacts of change and make mistakes that cost time and money through rework and missed deadlines. Modernization projects are impossible without the proper tools to understand the overall application and make the best decisions regarding approach and finding the Business Rules in the application.

Roger provided use cases for real world Automated analysis and made the case for companies to provide the tools that level the playing field for Developers / Analysts and enables them to do the professional work in less time with more accuracy.