CM First Group with partner Abacus Solutions will discuss the business and technical benefits of moving your portfolio of IBM i applications to a hosted cloud service. Many IBM i shops have struggled to maintain a “best practice” Tier 2 or 3 data center operation, and find there is payback in moving these responsibilities to a hosting provider.

The session will provide valuable insights to help you weigh the pros and cons of the hosted versus on-premises alternatives, and will address use cases around outsourced CA 2E (Synon) dev/test environments, production workloads, backups, high availability, and others.

John Rhodes, CTO, CM First Group
Patrick Schutz, VP, Managed Services, Abacus Solutions

Who should attend:
CIOs, Application Portfolio Managers, Application Development Managers, Data Center Operations Managers, DevOps Managers.

Wednesday, November 8th at 11am – 12:pm CT
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