There is a control name parameter “ColumnToggling” that can be added to a grid that will let the user choose which columns they want to display at runtime.

If the value is “Yes”, the user can right-click on the columns at run time and they will see a list of column names, they can uncheck any column names that they don’t want to see. The settings are saved in the browser local storage, so each user can have their own settings, and the setting will be saved for future sessions.

The control name would look like this. It can be inherited, so if you want the behavior for all grids, you can add this to your patterns:


At run-time the user will see a drop-down list with the column names, similar to the image below. In this example the State column will be hidden from the grid.

Columns can also be hidden in Plex with the Set State statement, and works in the same way as a WinC grid, e.g. Set State Hidden, GridP