We’re fresh from COMMON NAViGATE St. Louis, enjoying the fresh persectives and insights we gain from mingling with IBM i and AS./400 tech professionals. We encouraged attendees to fill out our industry survey to help us keep tabs on the evolution of technologies companies employ to manage their midrange operations.

We always find the results informative and interesting, and COMMON St Louis was no exception.

Here are the results.


Our first question asked respondents which databases their company works with.

The interesting result is that SQL is the #1 data access language. Conference survey respondents manage 2 database technologies on average, with 84% using DB2 with either DDS or SQL (usually both).

SQL Server and Oracle rounded out the remainder at 15%.

Mainframe Software Languages

Our follow-up question asked which software languages their organization works with.

The majority work with RPG, and many work with an additional language like COBOL or Java.

DevOps Area Products

We also asked conference attendees which DevOps Area Products their organization works with.

Most organizations stick with a single technology to manage their DevOps, with IBM Rational taking the top spot. Many use an in-house process.

Impact Analysis Tools

To round out our questionnaire, we asked which Impact Analysis tools are you using?

Most use either standard IBM OS built-in tools or Hawkeye/Pathfinder. Some use IBM Rational or X Analysis. Many use 2-3 different tools to get the job done.

As always, we learned a great deal from the conference attendees we encountered. See you at the next one.