Synon 2E has a feature that has been around since version 8.5 that can become very handy in reducing work and implementing standards.  This feature can become a real time saver for your company.  I personally like this feature because there are standard ways I like to create my functions.  Now, I can have most of the basics already set up before I start coding.  Let me walk you through the steps and show you how simple it is to create a default template and how seamless it is to implement.

Step 1 – You will need to sign in as Designer to make the this fully functional. If you do not sign in as administrator you will not be able to make your template the default template.

Step 2 – Find the *Template object in Edit Database relations.

Step 3 – F into *Template and create a new function to serve as your new default template.

Step 4 – Edit the function with the logic you want to include in your default template. Save the function when complete.

Step 5 – Go to the function options with a Z and F7.

Step 6 – Change the Option field Default prototype function to Y instead of N.

Step 7 – You have now create a new Default prototype. In order to use your new *Template simply create the same type of function as the *Template. It will include all the custom code and parameters you put into the *Template.