Sometimes it is useful to show an external web page or component embedded in the body of a WebClient panel. An example could be showing another web site, an image, a map, a widget like a calculator, or some other item of interest. Because WebClient panels are generated as standard web pages, this is very easy to accomplish through standard CA Plex techniques combined with a bit of html and java. This example can be implemented as a reusable CA Plex pattern.

This example has been created courtesy of Lily Taharudin, principal WebClient support engineer. Lily can be reached by email at

Load a web page using a page template

In this example, we are loading a set web page url onto a WebClient panel on initialization on the panel.

This technique is most useful for static url’s, like your company web site or a web component.

  1. Create a static in the main function for example iframe.
  2. Set the static control name, for example: iframe:MainArea:template=Iframe:seq=100.
  3. Create a control template Iframe.ctrl with the following code and with an url (the CA web site Is the example in this case.)

    <iframe src =”” width=”100%” height=”750px”>

      <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>


Run Static URL from Plex Menu or Toolbar

In this example, we are dynamically loading a web page url onto a WebClient panel.

This technique is most useful for loading dynamic or changing information, like a map.

  1. Create a new source code, for example call DisplayURL. The source code has one parameter of URL field. In the source code, type the following code.

    import com.adcaustin.webplex.*;

    WebWindowData x =(WebWindowData) (Object) fnc.getPanel().getPanelData();


  2. Create a new URL field which inherits from FIELDS/URL. This field should have the url value, for example:
  3. Create an event in the menu to call this source code.
  4. Create a new triple for the iframe just like webmessages.
    Iframe is a FNC ~WebClient/WebUI
    Iframe impl name iframe
  5. Create a new page template named Iframe-page.wcli. The page template should contain the following code
        var iframe = document.createElement(“IFRAME”);
        iframe.setAttribute(“src“,/(!ActionArg)); = “100%”; = “750px”;
  6. The menu function should have the following triples.

    Menu is a FNC ~WEBCLIENT/WebShell

    Menu is a FNC ~WEBCLIENT/WebMessages

    Menu is a FNC iframe

Embedding in Action

An Adobe Flash scientific calculator on a DetailPopup.

The function

The panel

The Template code (this is a flash site)

<iframe src =”” width=”100%” height=”450px”>

<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>


The results