This article is the first in a series of articles that will provide a basic introduction to the function options for each type of 2E function.  The first function we will look at is the Execute External Function.

External Function Function Options

  • Commit control
  • Generation mode
  • Copy back messages
  • Send all error messages
  • Reclaim resources
  • Generate error routine
  • Close down program
  • Overrides if submitted job
  • Duplicate parameters
  • Distributed File I/O ctrl

Commitment Control

DB2 UDB for IBMi provides commitment control to support a way to process a group of database changes as a single process. The commit operation guarantees that the group of operations is completed. A rollback operation guarantees that the group of operations is backed out.  In 2E the Master is the primary beginning and ending point of the operation while the Slave functions make up operations that are all part of the complete process.

I covered commitment control in a previous post.  In order to get to a full discussion of it follow this link .

 Generation Mode

The generation mode determines how the function will access the database. If it is set to DDS then the function access mode is DDS database. If the value is SQL then the function data access mode is SQL. Finally, if the value is A, the data access mode will be based on the access path and could be either DDS or SQL.

Copy Back Messages