You already know a lot about CM evolveIT and how it can show you application and data flow. CM First’s John Rhodes refers to that as ‘data in motion’. To really get on top of data security, you also need to be able to view ‘data at rest.’ This is where the partnership comes in. IBM Guardium makes it much easier to find, classify and secure data of where this data exists in databases and files. This capability also integrates with your security software to detect who can access this data.

Once you know the location of data at rest and have implemented controls on who can access it, you also want to know where the data moves – data in motion. As applications execute and file requests are made, copies of that data spew out across the network to other mainframes and systems, both locally and geographically dispersed. The data can even leave your company. You need to know about this as well, to ensure complete control over sensitive customer information.

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