Let Us Help You Get the Broadcom Support You Need

Supporting complex, customized enterprise systems is a many-layered, long-term effort involving a wide range of stakeholders. Vendor support for these systems is critical – without it, you are risking your system going down during even minor events like patching the operating system.

One particular pain point we’ve increasingly encountered in recent months: getting official Broadcom support for companies that manage customized, mission-critical CA 2E (Synon, COOL:2E) or CA Plex systems.

Introducing Our Broadcom Support Aggregator Status

To better address this pain point, we’re proud to announce that we have another great tool in our arsenal to help companies get back on support with Broadcom with Broadcom product aggregator status.

Our Broadcom product aggregator status can help position companies with CA 2E (Synon, COOL:2E) or CA Plex systems to get a support Broadcom support and maintenance contract in place, and with it, some peace of mind.

If any of these describe you, you’re a great candidate to benefit from our unique status as an aggregator:

  •  Working with an older unsupported release
  •  Upgrading IBM OS with reliability concerns
  •  Broadcom maintenance has lapsed
  •  Difficulty renewing due to contract size or length
  •  Generally finding it tough to get the answers you need, when you need them

We can get you back on Broadcom support and provide different options for you based on your needs. We specialize in all sizes of customers.

Why CM First?

We know CA 2E and Plex Cold. Many of our engineers worked at Synon, CA Technologies and Broadcom, and developed the very products you use. We help you navigate the Broadcom options. Additionally we offer training, uplift, modernization, and managed application services.

Next Steps

Our simple three-step process will get you on the right track.

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  • When you receive our one-page proposal – sign and send, and that’s it.

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