Has your IT department given your company all the tools to make the holiday season a success?  Increasingly, customers and even your employees prefer to do all their work on a mobile device, either a tablet or a smartphone.  Do your business applications run on these devices at all?  Is the display truncated or virtually unusable?  You may be missing out on sales of products and services if you can’t compete successfully in the mobile market.  People look for apps to get the job done.  If you don’t have apps to support them, you’re left to hope your competitor doesn’t either.

Your customers are looking for apps for everything.  A company who markets vacation properties recently made the reservation system into an app. Though many people still prefer to browse properties and select dates on the web, more and more are planning their next vacation while still on a vacation.  Nowadays, it’s more likely they will only have a smartphone or tablet with them.  People like to have the ability to check out the various locations available, and then to book the next vacation whenever and wherever they have to be.  It’s a competitive differentiator.

In another case, one company discovered that by giving their salesmen apps, they empowered the sales team to sell anywhere and everywhere.  It turned a formal process, formerly requiring a laptop and a planned meeting, into an opportunity to offer products and services more informally to interested customers at coffee shops, bus stops, shopping malls and more.   To learn more about these customers and the ways people are using CM WebClient, click here.

Why wouldn’t you do it?  Reasons cited are: it’s too difficult, we don’t have the right staff, our applications are old and ill-suited for it, there are too many platforms to manage and development will take too much time…  It’s time to check your assumptions and give your company the gift of moving to the modern age of mobile technology.  CM WebClient offers a way to dump those assumptions and modernize legacy code. The developers you already have can use CM WebClient to generate rich web and mobile applications from your CA Plex models, apps which will run on the most popular devices.  In addition, without becoming an HTML5 or JavaScript expert, you can create customized and extensible applications quickly and easily.

From standard CA Plex functions and panels, you can generate Ajax-enabled web applications with standard CA Plex GUI features, such as editable grid, tabs, tree views, child windows, dialogs, and more. You can create mobile, touch-optimized presentations which run as native mobile applications. The backend logic is automatically published and deployed to J2EE web servers such as Tomcat, JBOSS, or Websphere and can run on IBM i Power Systems , Microsoft .NET, and any platform supporting Java.

Attendees at the November CA Plex/2E Developers conference learned a lot about how to unwrap this gift as well as hearing from a customer who already had success with this.  Read about what you missed here.  Then, check out the education offerings on the CM First website, so you can get started right away.    Give yourself the gift of career success by learning what CM WebClient can do for you.