The Strangler Application Pattern Is a Serious Modernization Methodology

Modernization efforts provide unique challenges due to the advanced age of many of the technologies we work with. Technologies like COBOL, RPG, CA 2E/Plex (Synon), or EGL were all developed decades ago and intitiating positive digital change on top of them entails some risk. We need any tools, approaches or methods we can find, and they need to work in the real world.

To that end, we’re spotlighting the Strangler Application pattern, an incremental approach to modernization theorized by Martin Fowler nearly fifteen years ago.

With the modern popularization of microservices, the Strangler Application pattern is worth a very serious look.

Over at the IBM Developer blog, Kyle Brown gives a great rundown of the Strangler Pattern – what it is, how to use it, when it’s a good idea to use it and when you should think about not using it.

The blog post is a great instructive read with practical tips, but be sure and check out the video, where IBM Senior Solution Architect Rick Osowski interviews Kyle about the Strangler Pattern via Microservices TV. It’s a short sixteen minutes and well worth your time.

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Apply the Strangler Application Pattern to Microservices Applications” – IBM Developer