IBM Systems Media is hosting a webinar Tuesday, September 10th at 12 noon Central Time that looks at the modern state of this “ancient” programming language. The content is provided by Micro Focus. Derek Britton, Director of Product Marketing, Mainframe Solutions at Micro Focus, and Ed Airey, Senior Solutions Marketing Strategist at Micro Focus, are scheduled to present.

From the registration page:

“The application development language, COBOL, turns 60 this year. September 1959 saw the first mention of the technical acronym “COBOL”, which was then adopted as the name for the language being specified and developed.

The session will explore, and celebrate, the language’s continued relevance, use cases and prevalence. A number of defining characteristics have ensured COBOL remains in widespread usage, and we will ask ourselves the questionwhy not another 60 years? Join the COBOL community to celebrate, and look forward!”

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