Hello all!

Yesterday I was creating some new tables within my personal model, and these tables are being created with SQL DDL and not DDS. I have the Table or Physical File still the generated name, but I wanted a table with the longer field names. The table itself created normally, and has 4 date and time fields to hold record stamping information. When I tried to create an Edit Record function to maintain the data in the file, I could not get the program to compile. The error that I was receiving was,

*RNF7506 20      4 Padding is not allowed for a MOVE or MOVEL to a Date, Time, or Timestamp field.

Changing the MOVE(P) to a MOVE statement worked, but obviously we want things to be regenerated at some point. So I wrote Ragu at CA and asked if this happened to be a known issue. He said it is and the fix is to change the compile options for the *CRTSQLRPGI inside the model.

To make this change you need to do the following.

First you will need to go into the model as a designer. Then you would subset your field list by using an * to show the 2E supplied tables. I also happen to use the DFN option on the screen so that I just receive a simple file list.

Screen Shot 10-14-15 at 09.39 AM

From here we are looking for the *Messages file. Use option F to go into the *Messages file. From here scroll down until you find *CRTSQLRPGI as shown in the following screen shot.

Screen Shot 10-14-15 at 09.42 AM

From here use option Z to go into the message details.

Screen Shot 10-14-15 at 09.44 AM

Then use your F7 Function Key to work with the second level text of the message.

Screen Shot 10-14-15 at 09.45 AM

At the end of the second level message text add OPTION(*CVTDT) as shown in the above screen shot.

Once you save that second level message text you can try to generate and compile your function. It should then gen and compile normally.

I have written Ragu again to ask if this is going to be the permanent fix or if there is going to be another solution in the future. I’ll post and update when I have one.