For many developers it is more convenient to link your CA Plex GEN folders directly into your Eclipse workspace, eliminating the need to run ANT scripts and move the Java source files. Eclipse will detect the fact that you have generated / changed your source files from CA Plex and will automatically build if you desire this.

To configure, follow these steps. You will link to the GEN/Src directory and to the GEN/Src/Res directory as generated from your Plex application. You will need to enter an exclusion pattern to avoid showing duplicate resource files in your project.

First, Right click on your Java project and select Build Path / Configure Build Path…

Next, select the link source button. Then enter the following path the your Plex GEN/Src directory:

Click next, and enter an exclusion pattern

Click Finish. Repeat for the Res (resource) subdirectory but do not add an exclusion pattern

You are done! Verify your path looks like this.


For large generate and build requests, Eclipse may compile before you finish generating. If you get out of sync, simply Refresh your Java project to rebuild any changed files.