We exhibited at SHARE Dallas 2022 back in late March, and fortunately, many of the attendees took a few minutes to fill out our survey asking which technologies they use to manage their enterprise mainframes.

We thought it useful to share some of the results.

Our first question asked respondents which mainframe databases their company works with.

Our conference sample manages 2 database technologies on average, and an overwhelming 78% are using DB2, with IMS coming in at a distant second at 35.71%. The others, IDMS, Oracle, Datacom, Adabase, and “other” came in around 10-20%.

We also asked which mainframe software languages their organization works with.

The mainframe software languages used by our sample are more evenly distributed than with their databases, with REXX coming in 73.21%, and COBOL a close second with 67.86%.

As always, we learned a great deal from the conference attendees we encountered. See you at the next one.