By Andrew Leggett / Sr. Application Consultant

If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your CM WebClient applications, there are a couple of ways to specify CSS for individual or similar controls.

  1. Use the ‘class=’ control name parameter to specify the CSS classes to apply for the control.  For example, the Apply button has the following control name parameters:


The ‘class=apply’ allows us to set add the following class to one of the .css files.  You can add multiple class names separated by spaces.  You can use the ‘class=’ parameter for when you want to use several controls with similar appearance.

.apply{background: green;color: white;}

  1. Use the control ID to specify CSS styles for an individual control. For example, the Refresh button has the following control name:


The HTML control will have the ID ‘RefreshBtn’, so it can be selected in the CSS with the #RefreshBtn selector:

      #RefreshBtn {


border-radius: 15px;