In the old days of 2E prior to 8.1, 2E fields longer than the screen width could be a bit of a problem. In order to get them to work you had to use function fields on the screen and pass the values from the function fields back and forth between the actual field and the multiple function fields. You would have to substring the long field into multiple functions fields on the screen to display the field. Then you would have to concatenate the function fields together in order to place them into the database field.

This problem was solved a while ago with 2E 8.1.  You simply have to go to Edit Screen Entry Details for the field that needs to display on multiple lines and select display on multiple lines = Y.  2E will calculate the length of the input field based on the Height attribute.  The Height corresponds to the number of lines to display for the field.

In this example I have a 100 character field.  That will display on 2 lines of 50 characters for each line.