Code Structure Dashboard

CM First is now offering CM evolveIT Code Structure Dashboard, a powerful and easy to use add-on product for CM evolveIT. The dashboard will make it easy for application managers and architects to monitor application development metrics and issues, all from an intuitive web-based interface.

Developers can use CM evolveIT Code Structure Dashboard to manage dead and duplicative code, which frees up maintenance budget for feature enhancements, to track metrics on code quality, to detect a wide variety of code structure issues and to extract overall system metrics and component counts for scoping and planning purposes.

The Dashboard works with the mainframe and midrange languages supported by CM evolveIT. Configure your own rules to automatically recognize code structure issues then analyze code metrics at multiple levels – from portfolio to individual programs and paragraphs. The solution uses industry standard metrics like cyclomatic complexity and will detect clones in both procedural code and data declarations, using a sophisticated and customizable pattern matching algorithm for near-miss clones. Have a large system with thousands of components? Using parallel processors, CM evolveIT scales well to manage millions of lines of code.

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