The most significant feature in CA 2E r8.7 is the ability to convert a DDS database file to SQL without having to recompile the functions associated with the file. This capability makes moving to a modern SQL database rather easy. In the past, communication between Java and web developers was hampered because CA 2E generated cryptic file names. Now, you can create meaningful names of up to 25 characters in length for both file and field names.

There are also some other nice upgrades that can become useful in a developer’s daily work. One of the upgrades that developers will find useful is the ability to filter out NLL parameters when looking at a list of file parameters. When on the Edit Action – Function Detail screen, toggle through the filters with the F15 key. The filters can make viewing parameters more convenient especially with the new NLL filter.

Currently, there is a filter for ‘All Parameters:’

New Features in 2E 1


And one for ‘Undefined Parameters:’

New Features in 2E 2


CA 2E r8.7 also adds the ability to filter out all parameters that have been set to NLL:

New Features in 2E 3


These new features should make development easier and represent a good case for considering an upgrade soon.