Data Lineage and Security

Keep Track of Sensitive Data Across Your Mainframe Infrastructure with Data Lineage and Data Security

IBM Guardium finds and classifies data across common file types, databases and transfer products. Working with popular mainframe security products, user access to sensitive information can be monitored and restricted, as necessary.

CM evolveIT completes the Data Lineage and Security solution by analyzing mainframe applications to identify where and how sensitive data is processed – in screens, reports, files and databases. Its fast and complete analyses help application owners determine what code changes must be made to ensure all instances of data use are known, appropriate and secure.



For CISOs, mainframe security professionals, internal auditors and risk officers, CM First Group’s Data Lineage and Security solution addresses key challenges, such as:

  • Inability to locate regulated data
  • Multiple or rogue data copies
  • Mainframe architecture skills and knowledge gap
  • Inconsistent audit reports and workflows with the rest of IT
  • Requirement to offload data from z/OS to another platform for scanning
  • Easily remediating problems once they are found


With the Data Lineage and Security solution, no security risks are introduced by moving data off the z/OS platform for classification and audit reporting. Orphaned, hidden and unprotected regulated data is easily located for fast and critical insight about the potential and magnitude of data exposure, as well as improved compliance.

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